Deborah Ann Tallarico

Licensed Professional Counselor
Counseling - Psychotherapy - Expressive Arts Therapy
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Expressive Arts Therapy & Instruction

Expressive Arts Therapy and Instructional Classes:
may incorporate multiple art modalities including:
painting, drawing, writing, poetry, mandala making, voice, music, yoga, movement...

Expressive Arts

Explore the expressive arts within a counseling session.
•Learn to develop an inner dialogue with images, movement, and words.
•Connect to your unique creative self.
•Explore feelings, thoughts, dreams and authentic expression.
•Access personal wisdom, and practice present moment awareness, while   learning important self-care processes.
•Develop self-compassion.
•Create transformation.
•Open to the possibilities of creating self and life.
 Expressive Arts

Learn expressive art-making within an educational class.
•Explore self-expression using one or multiple modalities.
•Develop trust and courage for artistic exploration in a safe, compassionate      space.
•Practice non-judgmental witnessing.
•Explore your aesthetic sensibility.
(both individual and group instructional classes available). 

I offer experience, encouragement, insight, and compassionate witnessing as both an artist and expressive-arts therapist. Explore your creativity - follow your passion - live life differently! 

Call for more information: (828) 773-7891                                             -D.A. Tallarico, MA, LPC.
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