Deborah Ann Tallarico

Licensed Professional Counselor
Counseling - Psychotherapy - Expressive Arts Therapy
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Counseling Services

Counseling Services: 

offered by- Deborah Tallarico RN, MA, LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor (lic. #8551), Registered Nurse (lic.#238464), MA- Community Counseling, certificate- Expressive Arts Therapy, concentration- Body Centered Therapy.


I am currently accepting new clients. Within Counseling / Psychotherapy, and Expressive Arts Therapy sessions, I primarily work individually with adults, children, adolescents, and elders. I also work with couples and families as needed and requested. For Expressive Arts Instructional Classes, I work with individuals and groups.

I typically schedule 1 hour weekly sessions with clients as this schedule allows for a consistent meaningful and impact-full experience in accomplishing client goals, providing support, and facilitating change. I am available and open for more or less frequently scheduled sessions as needed and requested, and as this benefits the client.  

Office Hours: 9am-6pm Monday-Friday by appointment.
office currently located at Blue Mountain Center for Integrative Health- 1064 Meadowview Dr. Suite #5, Boone, NC.
(behind Walgreens).

Call for an Appointment -  (828) 773-7891

I offer counseling sessions designed for the individual and their unique experience. I explore and treat issues such as: depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, pain, illness, relationship difficulties, grief, and life transitions. As part of this treatment, counseling also involves exploring experiences of: wellness, hope, meaning, creativity, love, dreaming, individuality, spirituality, being, and becoming. I enjoy working with individual adults, children, couples, groups, and families. Using a holistic approach, combining all of my training and experience, I envision my role as a counselor as guiding individuals to their own inherent wisdom and healing.

Insurance/ Medicaid:

I offer a sliding-scale fee that is usually comparable to the co-payment fee for most insurance plans. I do accept some insurance plans. I do not accept medicaid at this time.



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